Chicken Gyro Bowl Ideas
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Chicken Gyro Bowl Ideas

I think I love this chicken gyro bowl so much because it’s fresh and fun. What I especially love about this recipe is that it teaches you how to make the pickled onions and tzatziki from scratch. That ensure you can control how much sugar and fat goes in.

A chicken gyro bowl could easily be made into a mason jar lunch.

Adjusting the Recipe

If you’re going low carb, leave out the pita bread.  And if you’re going whole 30, you’ll need to leave out the beans as well. Most paleo diets are ok with legumes like garbanzo beans.

Normally I’d be running away from the kale and quinoa, but in this case, I’d try it out that way first and then make adjustments. Chances are, I’d prefer chard or spinach to the kale. And quinoa is growing on me.

I’m finding it easier to eat since I found out The Big Secret. You have to rinse it before cooking. It removes a bitter flavor.

I don’t know any secret for kale. I think you either love it or you don’t. And I don’t. Mustard greens and collards are as bitter as I’ll go.

You can save money by cooking your own beans and quinoa. I love the Instant Pot. Garbanzo beans definitely need extra soaking or longer cooking. For whatever reason, chickpeas just need that extra care.

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