8 Foods that Beat Belly Bloat

8 Foods that Beat Belly Bloat

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We’ve all had those days where our belly bloats up, right? Something we ate the night before has us swollen up like a balloon and we’re retaining water. We could pull out the waist trimmers (and I have), but it’s best to use food and water to flush it out. This video has eight foods that help to get rid of that belly bloat.

Peppermint Tea

I’ve also had good luck with spearmint and lemon mint. It’s super easy to grow. And honestly, it tastes so refreshing to have fresh mint tea.


I’ve heard from so many sources how great bananas are with fiber and potassium. But the truth is, they make my body feel worse. That’s too bad because I dearly love them. I think it’s the sugar that makes me bloat up.

I will eat a frozen dark chocolate covered slice as dessert occasionally.

And I will eat asparagus for a potassium burst that removes excess fluids. I prefer them roasted with a drizzle of olive oil.


It wasn’t on their list but I’ve found it works well for me. It’s fermented with probiotics like kefir and bananas. And I get mine with ginger which was on the list.


Honedew was on their list. I’ve found good results also with cantaloupe and casaba. And don’t forget watermelon. It’s delicious and refreshing and super light.


Cucumbers are natural diuretics. I get the English ones and leave the peel on. Celery is another good water packed vegetable with the good kind of fiber.

Leafy Greens

A large plate of leafy greens with a drizzle of olive oil will help you feel full and get everything moving along and out of you.


There’s a lot of fiber and other goodness in artichokes. It takes awhile to eat so you feel full after eating only one. And I’ve noticed I feel slimmer a few hours afterwards.


And drink lots of water steadily throughout the day. I add in lemon. That seems to give bloat the boot.  Speaking of which, it’s time for some.