Satisfying Bacon Wrapped Breakfast Burrito
Bacon stripes (fried) with selective focus on wooden background

Satisfying Bacon Wrapped Breakfast Burrito

Remember the promise of Atkins: all the bacon and cheese you want. And then after a few days, you didn’t want it anymore. The healthier options of Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, etc., ┬áhas you reduce sugar and simple carbs. Have one slice of whole grain bread. Have one serving of pasta. Fill up on the vegetables.

I think I miss pretzels the most. I used to eat them a lot. But it reached a point where I knew it wasn’t helping me. I’m hoping after I lose the weight, I’ll get back to a better balance like I used to.

I do enjoy bacon. And I think it’s cool that there’s a nice resurgence. I’m seeing bacon in the craziest places. I thought this was a very cool idea…to create a breakfast burrito with bacon instead of a tortilla.

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What Would I Change

I’d add veggies! That bit of salsa is good, but it needed something more. I’d cook up some onions and cabbage or spinach until soft, and then add in the eggs. You could also put in asparagus and mushrooms with the onions. I buy precut pico de gallo and often use that as a way of getting onions and tomatoes and bit of a kick with the jalapeno.

I’d use the Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges instead of shredded cheese. My favorite is the Pepper Jack but Swiss with Garlic is delicious as well.

Then, after I put it into the basketweave, I’d put in some avocado or guacamole before the second bake.

I’m kind of excited that there’s so many different types of bacon out these days. My favorite is the Trader Joe’s applewood smoked bacon that’s thicker cut.

I should mention that my tacos and burritos tend to be a bit overstuffed. It’s because I have so much good stuff mixed in with the base.

I’ve always had a bit of a fear about baking bacon rather then frying it up in a pan. I think I’m going to have to do a bacon cook off and see which is best.

How do you prefer cooking your bacon?