Cast Iron Steak Tips with Mushrooms

Cast Iron Steak Tips with Mushrooms

I love cooking steak tips with mushrooms. It’s such a satisfying meal and goes great served over brown rice.

I found this recipe at America’s Test Kitchen where they cook the steak tips in cast iron and make a gravy with the mushrooms and onions. Cast iron is a great way to cook. It keeps the temperature much more even than aluminum or steel pans. Plus, they’re so heavy that you can skip the gym when you use them. Just kidding. Sort of.

What Are Steak Tips

This is the mystery of the ages. Chances are, it’s whatever the butcher had on hand and mixed them all up. Some may be tender and some may be tough. You could work around this by buying regular meat and cutting it up into smaller chunks. This will save you money usually. Whole chickens are often less per pound than a package of cut-up parts.

While you could use stew meat, it may be a bit tough unless you cook it for a long time. (that’s called braising)Then you could add in the mushrooms and onions and finish it.

The video above also recommend flap, skirt and flank steaks.

The truth is that the tougher cuts of meat do have more flavor. I’m going to be making this tonight with some tips from tri-tip. I bought two untrimmed tri-tip roasts for $2.99/lb and will be practicing my butcher skills. The leftovers will make a great dinner. I just need to pick up some mushrooms and onions!

If you’re interested in learning more about butchering your meat, check out this Craftsy class on Make the Right Cuts: Butchering Basics. I’m in the middle of it, and have learned so much about the grain and looking for natural places to cut.  Now I just need to get my knives sharpened.

I also highly recommend Cooking Essentials: All About Beef (w/Raquel Pelzel)

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