Chicken Wonton Tacos

Chicken Wonton Tacos

Ready for a lighter taco made out of wontons? This recipe has a lot of potential for playing around. You could do chicken or fish or shrimp, and play around with the sauces and seasonings.

Watch this video and be amazed at how they made the taco shells out of wonton wrappers.

You can get the full recipe here at All Recipes.

What Would I Change

I would make the stir fry sauce from scratch. It’s easy, and you can add in more ginger or garlic depending upon your preferences.

I would also make my own coleslaw dressing. Many pre-made ones are just too sweet for me. I made one the other day with some mayo, white wine vinegar, and salt. I didn’t add any sugar.  Next time, I may add in a dash of horseradish.

Since coleslaw is personal, you should definitely make your own. And you may not want to put any on this recipe. Maybe you’d rather go for an Asian sesame ginger dressing instead. This recipe at Primal Palate is Paleo friendly.

And big surprise, I’d make my own teriyaki sauce for the same reason. There is a difference between teriyaki sauce and glaze.  The glaze is thicker and more what you’re used to seeing on your teriyaki chicken.  Most of the sauce recipes out there are like a marinade. If I were rushed for time, I’d get Soy Vey’s Hoisin Garlic or Island Teriyaki.

To make things easier, I’d buy a pre-made mix of shredded cabbage and carrots. My supermarket also has fajita cut chicken which would also save time. This could also be great with shrimp or a firm flesh fish.

Making It More Paleo and Low Carb

You wouldn’t want to use the wonton wrappers if you’re going Paleo. You could use them if you’re going low carb because they’re rice is lower carb and gluten free.

So for Paleo or Keto diets, you could use lettuce or curly cabbage for the shells.  The curly cabbage is thinner and tastier than the standard smooth cabbage.  You could also make shells out of cheese.