Italian Chicken Bake with Broccoli

Italian Chicken Bake with Broccoli

I love making a chicken bake in the winter since it’s one pan and easy to clean. Plus the oven warms up the kitchen. And where does everyone hang out? Right. In the kitchen.

Watch how easy it is to put together this Italian chicken bake with broccoli.

You can get the full recipe here.

What Would I Change

I would certainly make my own Italian dressing. You can control the amount of fat and sugar in it. Plus you can season it to your preference. I love lots of garlic. Some people, not so much. And you can make adjustments by using other alliums like shallots. Now, they call for Italian dressing mix packet plus melted butter. So you probably don’t want to go much above 1/3 cup when you make your dressing.

You could easily substitute turkey in place of chicken. I always advocate to look for what’s on sale.  Never hurts to save money on groceries.

In the comments, people said it cooked better if you covered it with foil for most of the baking time. Also it prevented the broccoli from blackening. The first time you make it, keep an eye on it. The root veggies will need to be cut pretty small to cook at the same rate as the chicken chunks. Generally broccoli only needs 30 minutes of roasting time.  So check it after 30 minutes and see how everything is going.

This is a complete dinner as is. I’d have some fruit for dessert. Right now, oranges are starting to be at their peak.

Going Paleo

You actually don’t need to change much if you’re eating Paleo other then to make your own Italian dressing, no butter, use oil, and no cheese. White potatoes are perfectly fine.

You could substitute in sweet potatoes, turnips, celery root, or a mix of root vegetables. Just keep the total amount the same as the recipe called for, otherwise it won’t cook evenly.

Going Low Carb

The nutritional information listed carbs as being 43.1g/serving. And only 14.7g of protein.  It didn’t list fiber. So that’s another good reason to make your own Italian seasoning. I would suspect a lot of those carbs were from the sugar in the dressing packet.