Lemon Herb Shrimp Packets

Lemon Herb Shrimp Packets

Lemon herb shrimp packets are a quick and healthy way to cook fish with easy clean up. This recipe is also easy to portion down if you only wanted one or two packets.

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You can see the full recipe on Food Network.

What Would I Change

Let me just say that I love anchovies, so I’d probably leave them in for the saltiness. I probably would leave out the jalapeno pepper. I’m not sure what the clam juice adds. I’d probably try it both ways. I suspect it adds a bit of brininess.  I’d rather skip the anchovies and put in some capers and their juice instead.  I love capers and lemon together.

Cooking en papillote is a wonderful way of cooking fish, shellfish and poultry. It allows steam to stay in and gently cook the meat. You can go as low fat as you like. In fact, you may need barely any olive oil.  I’d probably consider adding it in afterwards if needed.

If you do cook chicken or turkey, make sure that the pieces are thinly cut. You could also pound down the breast. But this is not the method for bone in poultry.

When choosing the vegetables and herbs, think about how they will react to heat. Also, you need to be aware of at what rate they will cook. And some vegetables, like spinach and mushrooms, will release a lot of water when steamed. Some fresh herbs like basil will turn black.

Liquids should be added for seasoning and aroma as well as to help root vegetables, like parsnips, cook properly. Broths and stocks, demi-glace, butter, wine, citrus juice, coconut milk and even tea, are all good options. Just remember that each ingredient will take on the flavors of the others. So practice with some recipes before playing on your own.

Or just keep it simple.

You also don’t have to use paper. You can use aluminum foil packets. There are a ton of recipes out there for foil packet meals.

What I especially love is how easy it is to clean up after cooking.

Some of the packet meals you can make ahead of time. I wouldn’t make this lemon shrimp one though. It would probably turn into ceviche in the fridge waiting to be cooked.

How to Make More Paleo or Low Carb

You’d skip adding in the grilled bread, that’s for certain. But otherwise, go crazy with the veggies, broth and meats.