Make Farmer’s Casserole Lighter

Make Farmer’s Casserole Lighter

Taste of Home published a Farmer’s Casserole recipe.  It’s really easy and a good base to build upon when learning to cook yourself thin.

They recommend assembling it the night before to make it easier to have breakfast faster in the morning.  Watch the video:

How to Make Farmer’s Casserole Healthier

You could substitute in riced cauliflower, or thinly sliced sweet potatoes as the base instead of hash browns.

If you are going to use hash browns, thaw them out and dry them off before popping them into the casserole dish. If you want to have a crispy base, bake them for about 10 minutes at 350.  You may need to reduce the baking of the total dish.  Check after 45 minutes and see how the custard is firming up.

If you’re concerned about the fat content, you could use ricotta or feta instead of jack cheese. And you could use chicken or turkey sausage instead of ham.

To make it vegetarian, use soy based sausage. A soy chorizo would add a lovely spice to the dish.

I would probably add in more veggies (are you surprised?) like diced tomato, zucchini and spinach. I love thawing out frozen spinach and keeping it in the fridge. Then I can add a pinch in here or there to add in extra iron.

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