One Day No Sugar Plan

One Day No Sugar Plan

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One of the latest ideas is a no sugar or low sugar diet. As we were talking about yesterday, there’s different diets for different people.  My preference is to eat reasonable amounts of everything. And doing as much cooking from scratch as possible.

I am a health book and cookbook junkie. Some state we’re eating too much sugar, and that’s affecting our obesity levels instead of gluten. Others say it’s simple carbs. I think each body is different, and we need to eat according to what’s best for our body.

I know there’s sugar hidden everywhere, and the best way to counter that is by cooking everything.

One Day No Sugar Plan

Additional Ideas

Their clickthru is vegetarian meals with no sugar added.  I believe eating more vegetables will help us be healthier. I still like my meat.  One really fun cookbook is Meat On the Side by Niki Dinki.

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That may inspire how you use meat.

Is Sugar That Bad?

A relative went to Thailand and was astonished at how much sugar everyone ate. He said everything was super sweet to his North American palette. But everyone was slim. They ate six or seven times a day. Each meal was small. And everyone walked everywhere.

So, maybe it’s not the wheat. Maybe it’s not the sugar. Maybe it’s how we eat, and how we live our lives.

Still, I know I don’t feel great if I eat a bunch of jelly beans or cookies. Although, we may have a disagreement over Reece’s pieces, Good N Plenty and meringues. Just kidding.  But let’s face it….some days you really don’t feel like carrot, celery, and jicama sticks.

Cook It Yourself

Currently I’m reading this book on making stuff from scratch. It includes toaster pastries and ketchup. Reading the book is fun as well. I love reading the stories of her kids and how she was able to create some items. Let this inspire you to cook reduced sugar. Then when you want a treat, it will truly be a treat.

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