Stuffed Bell Peppers
Baked multi-colored bell peppers yellow red and green ones stuffed with minced meat and rice. Fresh parsley dark wooden table.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

After I made eggs in purgatory, husband said it would be delicious having a poached egg over stuffed bell peppers.

Then I found this video:

I couldn’t find a full recipe but we’ll talk about the theory of stuffing bell peppers in a second.

Do You Like Crisp Peppers?

Many people in the comments felt that the 8-10 minutes wasn’t enough to cook the pepper. But others liked crisper peppers. It made them feel like they were eating a real pizza.

My hubby likes his peppers cooked. So I’d probably bake them 10┬áminutes until they’re starting to get soft, then stuff, and bake ten more minutes to melt the cheese. Most stuffed pepper recipes call for 30 minutes of baking time. But it will cook faster if it’s not stuffed.

Then put a lightly poached egg on the top of his so the yolk runs all the way down and mixes in with the meat and other veggies.

Inspiring Bell Pepper Recipes

Generic stuffed bell pepper recipes are a mixture of meat, a carb, and vegetables. Then you need a cheese mixed in to bind it all together. So most people use ground beef, rice tomato and shredded cheddar.

You can expand that to be ground lamb, cous cous, tomato and feta cheese. Or ground turkey, bread, onion and swiss cheese.

Classic Ground Beef and Cheese Stuffed Pepper

Spanish Quinoa Stuffed Bell Pepper (this is vegan)

Paleo Stuffed Peppers (uses zucchini and ground turkey)

17 Tasty & Unique Stuffed Pepper Recipes (from PaleoGrub)

I will say that I don’t like green peppers. To me, they’re not ripe and more prone to giving me a bit of indigestion. Plus the red, orange and yellow are so much more tasty and sweet. What’s your preference?