Super Slim Veggie Soup
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Super Slim Veggie Soup

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Some days, you just want to eat everything in site. Use a super slim veggie soup to feel full and tame the tiger.

Check out this recipe from Hungry Girl on how to make a super slim veggie soup quickly.

I think it looks tasty. But, I hear you saying, that’s a lot of knife cuts.  Sure, but that’s OK. It can be fun.  I found this video showing easy ways of cutting up carrots that can also be used for the zucchini.

Remember how we were talking about how important knife skills are for being able to cook yourself thin. This is a great recipe for practicing all of those knife cut skills.

I just got some golden beets in my CSA box. A few years ago, a friend asked if I wanted to share their CSA so we alternate weeks.  Usually I like to roast the beets, slice them up and chill them. I add them to salads. But I like the idea of cutting them into matchsticks and pickling them too.

Other Knife Skill Resources

Our local Sur La Table has classes on knife skills. I would like to take that since it’s great having a teacher with you. But the best online resource I found was Complete Knife Skills with Brendan McDermott.

That boy cuts everything. From cauliflower to melons. It helped me so much. I need to go back and refresh. He had a different method of cleaning the pepper of the ribs and seeds.

Another one that I enjoyed was A Modern Take on the Mother Sauces. Jason Hammond showed how to really prepare tomatoes. I found out my husband doesn’t like the seeds in the tomatoes in our salads. In fact, he likes them diced. My mom always put big wedge slices, so that’s what I like.

But the best way to prepare the veggie is the way they’ll eat it.

Other Slimming Soup Recipes

Let’s be honest. When we think of diet soups we think of cabbage soup, right?

So here’s more recipes for you to play with. I like adding in a dash of sriracha sauce to warm up the soup’s flavor.

Another option is to make leek soup. I learned this from the book French Women Never Get Fat. She recommended taking three large leeks and cooking them in water for a few hours. Then eat some of the leak and drink some of the soup throughout the day. Leeks are a natural diuretic. It didn’t work for me. I ate all three leaks in three hours and the broth was long gone. So that’s why I like these more balanced vegetable soups.

What about you? What have you tried?