Taco Pie with Avocado Crust

Taco Pie with Avocado Crust

Taco pie with avocado crust sounds, well, interesting, doesn’t it? Avocado is a great and healthy fat. If you don’t like it, you won’t taste it.

Watch the video to see how easy it is:


Even I’m thinking I could roll out a crust like that. Now, I hear you going “But…but…SHORTENING?”  Well, first off, it’s not that bad for you. And secondly, there is all vegetable shortening out there that is vegan

Make Taco Pie with Avocado Crust Your Own

What I love about recipes like these are that you have so much opportunity to adjust it. If you’re feeling vegetarian, skip the beef and add in mushrooms or more varieties of beans. Want more vegetables? Add in corn or spinach. (or any other diced veggie. I would totally put diced zucchini in here.)

And you could put in whatever spices you prefer. I love chipotles with adobo sauce for an all over warmth. Jalapenos are more like a fast jolt. I’m not saying I don’t love jalapenos. Pickled ones absolutely belong on my burgers. But, I’m just saying you can change the whole dish just by changing the spices.

Now, what if you used ground lamb and Meditteranean spices? Then you could put feta and diced cucumbers and tomatoes on top and have a Greek gyro pie with avocado crust.

But Can You Make It Paleo

You could easily use rice flour to make the crust. There are also alternative baking mixes that are gluten-free. And, you could skip the idea of a crust altogether and substitute in thinly sliced sweet potatoes or riced cauliflower to make the crust.

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