Oven Fried Chicken
Oven fried skinless chicken with fluffy homemade biscuits on a rustic white table. Platter of chicken breast in background. Shallow DOF with selective focus on the chicken in front.

Oven Fried Chicken

Sundays were the days of long cooking roasts or fried chicken. Thankfully, there are quite a few methods out there for making oven fried chicken that is moist and tender yet gives you that great crunchy bite that we love.

One version:

And another version:

How to Make It Successfully

When you fry properly, the temperature is high enough such that the water in the meat is pushing out so no oil can actually get in. That leaves you with a crisp piece of chicken.

It’s not always easy to fry properly. The difficulty lies in the inability to maintain a consistent temperature. When you put in the meat, the temperature drops.  Then you have to monitor it for when it gets close to 375 so you can turn it down. It’s a lot of work.

It is easier to use the consistent temperature of the oven. The difficulty is in getting a good crust.

So here’s some quick tips on oven frying chicken to make it better:

  1. Bake similar pieces together. Unlike a pan where you can pull a piece out when it’s done, you can’t be constantly checking the oven. So make it easier on yourself and cook similar pieces together.
  2. Use a double coating and season well.  Season the meat, dip it in flour, dip it in egg and then dip it again in flour. Then let it rest for at least fifteen minutes before baking.
  3. If you have the time, brine the chicken first. I’ll often leave it overnight in a seasoned buttermilk bath to tenderize it instead.
  4. After baking, let the chicken cool on a rack. I use a cookie rack in a sheet pan to capture any drips. It allows the crust to stay crispy all around

Make It A Meal

Myself, I love coleslaw and corn on the cob with my fried chicken. I used to always make potato salad, but have cut that back a bit. It’s also great with ranch beans or baked beans (watch the sugar if you buy a can…or make them yourself) and greens like chard or collard.

What do you like with your fried chicken?

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